Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tome Fromme

I want to feature one of my good friends in Texas today. Her name is Judy Parnell and I met her when I had a gift shop in Liberty Hill, Texas. Judy was crafting beautiful ceramic items at the time, and wanted to put some of them in my shop on consignment. I agreed, of course, and we became friends. She was one of the people who helped me along with my own ceramic art. She still works with ceramics, selling unpainted bisque, greenware, and supplies, but her new focus is on designing and creating beautiful jewelry.

Tome Fromme is Judy's new line. "As an Artist it is my wish that every woman take cue from the name of this jewelry line ... separate the letters and you will see what my message is. Kindness starts from within so please be kind to yourself and everything else will fall into place." I think the idea is perfect, and certainly one of the lessons I've needed to learn for myself.

This is item number 115 and is dichroic glass wrapped with wire.. Her pendants are all wrapped with 14 k gold filled, sterling silver, or copper wire. "The focal point in each piece can be as diverse as your imagination. Some pieces are stone or shell -- some are dychroic glass, gems, minerals or even glazed ceramic."

Judy's I Am bracelets show the same insight into what a woman might be thinking. "The idea of the “Iam Bracelets” came about one day when I realized that sometimes, a women want to make a statement about herself. She may want to tell the world that she is “loved” or that she feels “blessed” - that she is a “Christian” or she is “spoiled”. What better way to make such a statement than wearing it in the form of jewelry.
Then I started to think about the Iam Bracelet line as a gift. What a great way to tell someone that you find them “enchanting” or that they are “appreciated”. A guy could even ask for an exclusive relationship with an I am Bracelet stating “spoken for”.

"The Birthstone Bracelet line was created with love and solidarity in mind. This is a piece of jewelry that shows a connection between two people or between family members. The bracelet shows the world that you are really connected to your loved ones. Each person is depicted in the bracelet by Swarovski Crystals representing their birth month. There is a verse in each box that explains the Birthstone Bracelet to the recipient."

Visit Judy's shop at You'll be glad you took the time. And for your needs in ceramics, visit

Friday, October 23, 2009


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Introducing Sphie, my newest family member!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spinning Around

In a previous post, I wrote about my vacation to Virginia to see my daughter. During that time she taught me how to do one of her latest passions, spinning yarn.

When my daughter, Jodi, was a teenager, I taught her to crochet. As she got older, her hobbies changed, and her main passion is writing. Someday I'll be blogging about her latest book signing tour! She started crocheting again, and then learned how to knit. A couple years ago I got her a drop spindle and some roving from an Etsy seller, Annie May, who sells roving, drop spindles and includes instructions in how to spin. Jodi was totally hooked and continued to purchase spindles and fiber from other Etsy sellers and people she met on Ravelry, a site especially for people involved in working with yarn.

This is the yarn I spun with some extra fiber included in an order she received from Etsy seller BeeMiceElf. In her profile, Laurs says that she fell in love with fiber work as soon as she started it. Jodi tells me that this fiber is a combed type fiber, which means it was run through a machine with needle like combs so that all the fibers are a uniform length and facing the same direction. I suppose that makes the fiber easier to spin, but I have to say I found it quite challenging. I would also like to say that the amateur quality of my yarn is purely the result of my poor spinning technique, and not the quality of the fiber!

This is an example of the work that Laurs does in her shop.
Since learning about spinning, I have developed a higher respect for fiber artists. There are many sellers on Etsy who spin lovely yarn, but I can only include a few.
Kary Miksis owns an Etsy shop called The Knotty Sheep. She sells fiber for spinning as well as home spun yarn. Kary also dyes the fiber in her "Kitchen Sink Battz" group, such as this listing.
I love the blue in this.

She sells some of her handspun yarn in groups she calls "Swinging Singles," such as this listing.
Although Kary loves spinning, she focuses a lot of attention on helping dogs and with each purchase at 10% donation is made to "Pittie Love Rescue" located in Framingham MA. Kary is a member of the Boomer and Beyond at Etsy Street Team with me.
Another BBEST member, Sassa Lynne of Etsy focuses on dying threads, yarns, and fibers. She is most known for her Serendipity Line of fibers. According to Myfanwy, owner of Sassa Lynne, "serendipity means 'the result of a happy accident', and the items from random dye pots are so very special and individual." I love this ribbon type yarn she has for sale in her shop.

I am also a member of an Etsy street team called the Wild, Wise, and Witty Grandmamas Team. We have a member of this team, FromEweTo You, who sells ready to spin fiber, handspun and hand dyed yarn, knitted/woven items with FREE SHIPPING on all items. She has a beautiful dyed Mohair fiber for spinning and this handspun Alpaca yarn. Bumble has said she plans to sell drop spindles in her Etsy shop in the near future. She donates 10% of her sales to Heifer International for the purchase of sheep. These sheep provide an income for families in other countries.
Take some time and browse through these shops and the other shops of BBEST and WWWG.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last weekend for my sale!

For most of this summer, I have been having a sale on selected items in my Etsy shop, Jill's Treasure Chest These items have been marked down to half, and sometimes less than half of their regular prices. This sale will come to an end Sunday night and prices will return to normal. shop this weekend for big savings!
Below are a few of the items in the sale section of my shop.

Check out the rest and shop now!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Terrence the Tiger

Terrence is a shy boy looking for love. You can find him in my Etsy shop He'd hug you if he could.

Also new in my shop is this cherub.

He's a generous little guy, wanting to give you a sweet flower.
I love making figures with personalities. They may start as a mold with features already in place, but it's amazing how no two cherubs (for example) of the same kind will look exactly alike. Each will show a little something different. I guess that's why I love them all, and painting ceramics doesn't become boring or routine to me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Vacation

On my trip to Virginia to see my daughter, I stopped to see some friends in Tennessee. I spent some extra time there, as my car had problems (wheel fell off). It was hard to feel too sad when I could sit outside, drinking coffee with my friend, and look at this view!

Plus, I had the opportunity to spend time with a wonderful friend, who recently moved from Ms. to Tennessee and also to meet an Etsy friend in person.
Father/Mother God, thank you for taking care of me and letting the car hold up until I was close to my friends, and for keeping me and the other drivers around me safe while the event was happening.
Blessings and Peace,

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fudge Marble

I was finally able to list something in my Etsy shop that I'd thought about doing for a long time.

The pendant on this necklace is hand made from ceramic and glazed with a specialty crystals glaze. The body of the necklace is made from fire polished crystal and shell beads. The matching earrings are made from the same beads. I'm raelly excited about this piece as it's my first successful mingling of ceramics and jewelry. I hope it's not my last!

Friday, May 22, 2009


A little over a year ago, I opened a small online shop at a website called iCraft. I chose to keep it very small and never made a real committment to it like I did my Etsy shop. While my Etsy shop grew and had a few sales, the shop at iCraft stagnated. Recently I recieved an email that changed that.

The email talked about a seller's bootcamp for iCraft members, especially those of us who haven't done much with our shops. We are given tasks to do to improve our shops. In response to that, I decided to make more of a committment to this shop and have listed a few more items on it recently.
One of these is a hematite and crystal necklace and matching earrings.
I also added a couple of my wood signs. I've always loved making these signs!
Stop by my iCraft shop and look around. And check out the other great shops there also.
Father/Mother God, thank you for the many opportunities You have provided to help me learn and grow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunny Sunflowers

Recently I've begun adding my Sunflower items to my website, Hidden Ridge Road. This site includes handmade and also some manufactured items from when I had a brick and mortar gift shop in Texas.

The sunflower set was slip cast ceramic, trimmed with underglaze in some cases and fired with clear, gloss, food safe glaze. I then applied the sunflower decals and fired them again.

Sunflowers look great in almost any room, giving it a cheerful brightness. I hope you'll check out these items in Hidden Ridge Road and consider what sunflowers can do for your home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Moon

The full moon has always been something special to me. Like many others, I've worked in hospitals, schools, and other institutions where the full moon seemed to effect the behavior of others. Emergency rooms are known for their extra busy nights when the moon is full.

Witches believe that magic is at its greatest when the moon is full, making those nights special for spell work and ritual.

The moon has always seemed like a protector to me, like a watchful mother casting a soft light through the darkness. When I had a job that involved a long commute and late hours, the moon seemed to watch over me and provide companionship.

I took this picture through the trees last week during the full moon. The night was foggy, giving this moon a mystical quality.

Blessings and Peace,


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As promised, there are new jewelry arrivals in Jill's Treasure Chest. Several of these are in honor of Valentine's Day.

Colorful Capiz Shell Earrings.

The Light in the Darkness of My Heart with Onyx and Crystal.

Tiger's Heart with Tiger Eye, green crystal, and Cat's Eye Beads.

I even made a necklace and earring set for myself with shell and crystal.

And as always, my faithful "helpers" are nearby.
Now if I could just get them to list items to Etsy....
Today I offer thanks for all the small things that give life humor.
Blessings and Peace,