Friday, May 22, 2009


A little over a year ago, I opened a small online shop at a website called iCraft. I chose to keep it very small and never made a real committment to it like I did my Etsy shop. While my Etsy shop grew and had a few sales, the shop at iCraft stagnated. Recently I recieved an email that changed that.

The email talked about a seller's bootcamp for iCraft members, especially those of us who haven't done much with our shops. We are given tasks to do to improve our shops. In response to that, I decided to make more of a committment to this shop and have listed a few more items on it recently.
One of these is a hematite and crystal necklace and matching earrings.
I also added a couple of my wood signs. I've always loved making these signs!
Stop by my iCraft shop and look around. And check out the other great shops there also.
Father/Mother God, thank you for the many opportunities You have provided to help me learn and grow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunny Sunflowers

Recently I've begun adding my Sunflower items to my website, Hidden Ridge Road. This site includes handmade and also some manufactured items from when I had a brick and mortar gift shop in Texas.

The sunflower set was slip cast ceramic, trimmed with underglaze in some cases and fired with clear, gloss, food safe glaze. I then applied the sunflower decals and fired them again.

Sunflowers look great in almost any room, giving it a cheerful brightness. I hope you'll check out these items in Hidden Ridge Road and consider what sunflowers can do for your home.