Sunday, December 19, 2010

Almost Christmas

It's almost Christmas.  Isn't it interesting how our perspective on holidays changes as we get older?  I remember being a little girl, waiting eagerly for presents and Santa Clause.  Waiting to see family members we only saw during holidays.  I remember my father coming in to tell us that Santa was just down the street and we'd better get to sleep or he would pass us by.  Now really, what kid could sleep with all that excitement?

Then I was the mother, decorating the tree and shopping for presents for my own children, and my family of origin.  I remember when my girls were small, I could take them to the toy store with me and get their presents, because they'd never remember what I'd gotten.  I remember my husband and I staying up late to place items in the stocking, and Santa's presents under the tree.  I remember lying in bed listening to children sneak out of their rooms to see what Santa had brought them.

I'm pretty sure they knew early on who Santa was, but we played the game and when they asked me, I told them Santa was the spirit of love and giving that lives in all of us.

Now 2 of my children have moved away and married.  I have one teenage son at home and no husband. My son is only excited that he's off school, and that he'll get some things, hopefully money, for Christmas, so he can buy what he wants.  Part of Christmas is that my coworkers with small children will be off, and I'll be working with less assistance.  Part of it means there are lots of parties to go to with the man I'm dating. That part is fun!   

There is not that same feeling of anticipation  and magic that there once was.  I won't have any extra relatives here for the holidays, and my friends will be busy with their families.  My son will probably stay in his room with his computer and phone, hoping to hear from his friends, the people who have become more important in his life.

I will take this time at Christmas to reflect on the miracles and happiness of the year, as well as the sadder things that have happened.  And I will be thankful for each as they can make me into the best person I can be. I will take time to decide which directions to take in the new year, and how best to accomplish my goals.

Father/Mother God, thank you for my friends and family, for the bad and good things in life, and for the lessons they teach.

Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming and this Santa is getting ready.  He's checking with his kitten friends to see what they would like.  I think the little one is whispering to him that she wants a new home with someone to love her.

Handmade Ceramic Santa with Cats

These little snowmen are busy proclaiming to happy thoughts associated with the holiday season.

Handmade Ceramic Love and Joy Snowmen

Holiday decorations add to the spirit of the season.  Bring one of them to your home soon.

Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Meaningful Gifts

I have had the pleasure of associating with a wonderful group of Etsy sellers who post in the More Meaningful Gifts BNR.  Basically, a BNR (Buy and Replace) consists of  a group of people whose names are on a list.  They promote each other and have a lot of fun chatting.  In order to be included on the list, you have to buy from one of the sellers.  Then your name replaces their name and they have to buy from someone in order to get back on.  And so it goes.  And it's gone for 2 years now with the Most Meaningful Gifts BNR.

This group was started by a lady named Dorana.  She has a lovely shop with her designer gemstone and sterling silver jewelry.
I love the colors in this bracelet.

Ulixis Crafts  is another active member of MMG who sells beaded jewelry.
I love the pattern on these beads.  She has an amazing assortment of jewelry.

MooreTaste is a jewelry creator from Australia who does lovely metal work.  I can imagine her hammering metal to get just the right texture for a piece.
Kara Lennox is one of the original members of MMG, and the person who originally told me about the group.  She has fun crocheted jewelry and notebook necklaces, ACEO's and more.

Galla15  has gorgeous jewelry in her shop.  I'm partial to her rings, and am the happy owner of one of them.
I love the way she wraps the wire around the crystal.  Her rings are delicate and lovely.

There are more jewelers in this group, and artists of all kinds.  To check them out, visit this thread on Etsy.

Blessings and Peace

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coquette Bath

I wanted to mention a website I just found.  It's Coquette Bath..  I first met Coquette on Etsy and discovered her Etsy shop, CoquetteBath where she sells a great assortment of bath and body products, as well as scented candles.

Her online store is adorable, with a great assortment of soaps, lotion bars, lip balms, perfumes and body sprays, bath bombs, and scrubs to choose from.  She also has scented candles, nugget wax melts, fragrance oils, sachets, and travel candles to make  your enviroment extra special.  Coquette Bath offers a wide assortment of scents, too many to mention, with her products.

I'll bet these Plumeria Sugar Cube Scrubs are wonderful.  I love floral scents!
Stop and visit Coquette Bath at her website and in her Etsy shop!!

Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sensational Sunday

Sundays are made for the wonderful, beautiful, sensational things around us.  I am always struck by the beauty around me in the world, and I go out of the way to look for beautiful things.  Here are some sensational things from some of my friends on Etsy.
"Got Carrots" is one of my favorite paintings from YankeeGirl's Watercolor & Photography.  I love the way this little horse is looking over the fence.

I can just imagine the way his lips would gently take the carrot from my hand!!
"Moon, Dream Catcher, and Wolf" is a lovely digitally created piece by Van Street Design.  She describes the Native American traditions regarding dreams, the wolf, and the moon.  The colors are gorgeous!

Nature in Pastels is another wonderful artist.  Her flowers and scenes look so soft and delicate.  I especially love this Blue Hibiscus.  Do you remember drawing with those pastel chalks in school?  Nothing I did looked remotely like her work.

"Standing Watch" is part of Fauve Studio's tree series.  This piece is done in water colors, which I have a weakness for.  Trees seem so wise to me, and I wonder what they would tell if they could speak.  This tree has some lovely Fall colors, making me anticipate cooler weather.

These artists are a few members of the BBEST Team on Etsy.  Our team has lots of talented individuals.  Look for beauty by searching for Bbest Team.

Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lonely Trees

I have 2 new listings with the Lonely Trees theme. They are not exact matches, but compliment two previous listings I had with the same theme. One is a votive holder. I love votive holders and candles. Candles have always seemed a little magical to me, and I frequently use them when I’m meditating or praying. I think the tree has a meditative quality about it as well.

Lonely Trees Votive Holder

I also have a coffee mug with the Lonely Tree. Drinking coffee in the morning is a special time for me and I do find myself heading for my favorite mugs for my coffee.
Lonely Trees Mug

Visit my Etsy shop for other great ceramic items!!
Blessings and Peace,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Large Cherub

This cherub is one of my newest additions to my Etsy shop. He looks to me like he's thinking deep thoughts, or maybe looking down from Heaven upon whomever he is supposed to protect. He's 8 1/2 inches long and 5 1/2 inches across at his glitter glazed wings. He is painted in acrylic paints, antiqued and drybrushed for softness and depth.
Check him out at

Blessings and Peace, Jill
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

In honor of Nonnie

I belong to a great Etsy Team called BBEST, or Boomers and Beyond at Etsy Street Team. Our team leader this year is a wonderful woman we know as Nonnie. Today is her first day of retirement. In her honor, I am featuring some of her items.

From Nonnie's Treasures:

From Stained Glass by Nonnie:
Visit both of Nonnie's shops and watch for all the new finds and creations!!! Good Luck and Happy Retirement!!!
Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pottery Artists

Someone once said that you tell a lot about a people by looking at their pottery. Pottery can survive extreme heat such as from a fire or a volcano. Pottery shards can be found after an earthquake or other natural disaster. Pottery has been around since earliest reported history.

Some of you know that I have been learning to throw pots on the wheel with mixed success.
I can melt a handful of clay on a wheel very quickly. I admire some of my Etsy friends from the Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team and the Wild, Wise, and Witty Grandmamas who make beautiful pots. It's amazing to me that they all have different styles, yet they all create wonderful pottery items.
One of my team mates is Graciela Lynt of Glynt Pottery. She is a member of the WWWG Team who specializes in stoneware. Imagine using this relish dish at one of your parties.
Judy Nevius of JN Pottery is another talented member of WWWG. She uses stoneware and porcelain for most of her creations and is very imaginative in what she creates. I confess I hadn't thought of anything like this twine or small yarn bell she has for sale in her shop.
Carole Fox of FoxPots is a newer member of WWWG. She uses stoneware for many of her creations and makes a lot of handbuilt pieces as well as wheel thrown pieces. Feast your eyes on this.

Pearl of FehuStoneware is an extremely talented potter and a member of Bbest. She had made videos of herself throwing things on the wheel and makes it look so easy!! Pearl uses a lot of porcelain and stoneware with Raku as well as traditional food safe glazes. I love this tea trinket storage jar.
Ceci Lindo is another member of Bbest. Her work in ArtsieLady is filled with color and texture. She uses the pottery wheel for some pieces and hand builds others. She uses both Raku and traditional food safe glazes in her work. This is one of her newer pieces.
Visit these artists on Etsy. You'll love browsing through their stores and finding something special for yourself.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kissing Angel Bears

Once upon a time there were two little bears who were in love. Barney and Bernice didn't want to spend time searching for nuts or berries. Nor did they want to rob picnickers of their food. All they wanted to do was spend time kissing. Barney loved to pick fresh flowers for Bernice and would surprise her with them as often as he could.

The other bears in the forest told Barney and Bernice they had to start doing more of the things typical bears did or they wouldn't be allowed to live with the others. Barney and Bernice were so worried. They knew they just couldn't get excited about those things. One evening, as they were kissing, they wished time would stand still for a while and let them kiss forever. A fairy heard their wish and turned them into these angel bears who could kiss forever.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Froggy Love

I have always loved the smiling faces on frogs and listening to them sing around the pond every night. When I moved to the country, we used to say that it was so quiet that it was noisy. Instead of sirens and traffic noises, we heard the frogs, crickets, birds, and other animals calling in the night.

I loved creating this ceramic frog. He is painted with acrylic paints, antiqued with an antiquing gel, and drybrushed to create depth and softness. While I have never hugged or kissed a real frog, this one is very kissable!

I created this little owl in much the same fashion. He is slip cast ceramic and painted with acrylics.
Come visit these two on my Etsy Shop

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Visit HemlockHollow

I had the priviledge of meeting Gloria, owner of Hemlock Hollow in June 2009 while I was traveling to Virginia to see my daughter.  Gloria and her husband welcomed my son and me, along with a friend and her husband who had recently moved to the area, to her home by the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee.

Gloria is an amazing person.  She seems to know almost everything about every plant around her house!  I could feel her love of nature while listening to her speak about the flowers, leaves, and colors of the foliage as she took us on a tour of their property.

Her love of nature is reflected in her work. This Strawberry Leaf Pendant was made with sterling silver clay and she used a real strawberry leaf to imprint the design.

This maple leaf  pendant was created in the same manner and then "selectively oxidized" to further define the leaf.

Gloria shows her imagination in her description of the jasper she used as a focal in this necklace.

The Petunia Pearl Necklace and earrings use handmade focals from another Etsy artist.  I love the amethyst color and the imagination Gloria used in creating these pieces.

One of the things I admire about Gloria is how she loves to learn new things.  She has been working hard on her stained glass creations recently and has a perfect piece in her shop for Valentine's Day.

Stop by and visit Hemlock Hollow, and also Gloria's vintage shop, Frogpond Vintage.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dragon Alert

I just listed this commercially made dragon on my website, Hidden Ridge Road. He is approximately 5 inches tall, and looks pretty ferocious. But don't worry, he won't really bite you!

Blessings and Peace.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bright Potholders

Today I listed these in my TurtleTreasures shop. They are crocheted with cotton yarn and will brighten up your kitchen during this cold winter.
I'm excited about listing a few crocheted items. I learned sewing from my mom, and crocheting from my grandmother. It gave me a lot of pleasure to make the many granny square afghans for friends and family members as Christmas gifts when I was younger. As I got older, I got more involved with other crafts, but I always kept yarn and crochet hooks around. It is my comfort craft!!
Crochet has taken a new role in my life more recently. I belong to a crochet group in my church. We make prayer shawls and lap blankets for members of our congregation who have suffered a loss or are going through some health challenges of their own. This group consists of some wonderful ladies, and when I joined, a group of ladies laughing and crocheting was just what I needed in my life.
All crocheted items made with extra love!!
Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, January 3, 2010