Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hidden Ridge Road Gifts

Hidden Ridge Road Gifts is the name of my new ArtFire shop featuring commercial items.  Some of these items have been previously featured in my personal website by the same name.  I opened this shop because I thought ArtFire might give me more exposure than I was able to get on my own.  Many of these items are left from my bricks and mortar shop in Texas, Gifts and More, which I closed in 2003.

Ceramic Elephants This elephant family is made of ceramic, and I love the way they are standing together like a family does.
Lonely Wolf Figurine I've always loved this Wolf.  I can almost hear his mournful song.

Clear Acrylic Crystal Candle Holder This Candle Holder is made of acrylic, keeping it inexpensive and light.  It looks beautiful with a lit candle placed on top.

I plan to bring more items to this shop.  Keep checking!!

Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Texas Friends

Many of you know that I live kn Mississippi now.  But I lived in the Austin, Texas area for 30 years and went to college in Texas for 4 years before that.  I have family and friends still living there.  So I have roots in Texas.  When I discovered the Texas Friends Team only required that you love Texas, not live there, I was quick to join.

One of the first people I met from that team was Carol, from AustinLeighDesigns  She creates gorgeous jewelry such as these earrings!

Pink Orchid Flower Earrings Sterling Silver

Beth, from BerryBlueCreations, is the captain of this team.  I love her big floppy hats, like this one.

Island Paradise Floppy  Sun Hat

I love fused glass, and Peggy, from IIntoTheLight Creations makes some beautiful things.  And check out her shop for a sale going on!!!

Shades of Pink & Purple -- Large Dichroic Fused Glass Cross Pendant (Item 10033-PC) It's amazing to me how a simple cross can be created in so many different ways.

BooBooZoo Creates items to help with pain relief!!!  They are both fun and functional!

 BooBoo Bag Hot and Cold Rice pack  Donny the Dino BooBoo Bag  Lots of other cute and functional things in her shop!

CorkyCrafts is proof that wonderful things can be made from humble items.  I would never have imained all the things one could do with corks!!!

 horse ornament/bottle tag/gift tag team colors also available  Too cute!!!

These are only a few of my team mates in this friendly team.  For more items, search Txfriends team in your Etsy search!

Blessings and Peace,

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Judy Nolan is the owner of the Etsy shop MrPenQuin. Who is Mr. PenQuin?  The answer is on her Etsy profile.

"What's the story behind MisterPenQuin? When my husband and I first got married, he was in the Navy, and we were often many miles apart, at times with an ocean between us. This was before e-mail and cell phone conversations were possible, so my husband became a good letter writer. He signed all of his letters with a little penguin wearing a top hat, known as Mister PenQuin. So, now you know the story!"

According to Judy's shop announcement, Mr PenQuin features unique papercrafted gifts and accents that help you to be more organized and encourage self expression.  Recently, Judy has been combining her loves of papercrafting with her love for yarn and felting projects to bring her "Inspiration Books."
 These books are lovely works of art with removable pages so you can use your lovely covers over and over.  

Inspiration book, post bound blank journal, felted wool covers, write - sketch - doodle - photos, pink, mint green, gold, lavender  Inspiration book, post bound blank journal, felted wool covers, write - sketch - doodle - photos, turquoise - blue - green
Inspiration Book                                               Blue Inspiration Book

Inspiration book, post bound blank journal, felted wool covers, write - sketch - doodle - photos, green - gold - brown   Inspiration book, post bound blank journal, felted wool covers, write - sketch - doodle - photos, forest green - purple - lavender
Green Inspiration Book                          Inspiration Book in Lavenders

Judy also features Brag books and her new Gratitude Books, perfect for the Thanksgiving season!!

Gratitude book, spiral bound, Thanksgiving table, count your blessings, 100 pages, orange, brown,
Gratitude Book

Visit MrPenQuin  for your special books.  A perfect gift for someone special.

Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meet Oscar the Little Owl. He is ceramic and was slip cast. He's been painted with acrylic paints and sealed with an acrylic sealer for protection. Look for him in my Etsy shop.

Blessings and Peace,
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

PickleBerry Trifles

Judi, owner of PickleBerry Trifles, says that she lives in a world of ideas.  And I believe that to be true.  Judi's new shop is a wonder of creativity and beauty.  Her popular bib necklaces are unique and lovely.

Flower Bib Statement Necklace in Nostalgic Violet and Mulberry    Flower Bib Statement Necklace, Ruby and Black Sing the Blues Flower Bib Statement Necklace
Flower Bib Statement Necklace     Necklace in Ruby and Black         Sing The Blues Flower Bib

These lovely necklaces would be perfect for holiday wear and would dress up that little black dress to make a stunning ensemble.

Imagine how these gorgeous brooches would make a dress look.
Flower Pin Brooch Corsage, Romantic Coral   Flower Pin, Brooch, Corsage in Turquoise and Teal
Romantic Coral Brooch                   Turquoise and Teal Brooch

And my personal favorite, these lovely earrings.          

Vintage Lace Beaded Earrings, Peacock Wings
Vintage Lace Beaded Earrings

You can also find Judi at Vintage Legacy Studio and Pocket Comfort

Greeting Card, Art Quilt Print, Mixed Media - Trust
Greeting Card Art Quilt Print

You won't be disappointed when you visit any of Judi's shops!

Blessings and Peace,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


EMHGraphics is more commonly known to many of us on the BBEST Team as Chauncey!  In Chauncey's shop, she makes love creations from glass.  In her graphics shops, she designs wonderful banners, avatars, and now, cute mirrors with a printed picture.  These are perfect for bridesmaids gifts, or some other gift when something special is desired, but you want a good price also.

Pocket Mirror - Night Time Flower           Pocket Mirror - A Girl's Best Friend - Diamonds and Chocolate Photograph
Pocket Mirror Night Time                     Pocket Mirror- A Girl's Best Friend

Wedding Favors,  Bridesmaids Gifts - Set of 10 Personalized Pocket Mirrors , Magnets, Pins, or Bottle openers - Tree of Hearts

This is a set of 10 mirrors.

Check out EMGraphics new items.

Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sensational Sunday

Today I wanted to post a few items from another Etsy team I'm on.  This team is called Wild, Wise, and Witty Grandmamas!  We all have one thing in common, we all have at least one grandchild and an active Etsy shop.  I love this team!  We certainly dispel any belief that grandparents are all old fuddy duddies!  And think about it folks, we didn't grow up using the computer, so the fact that we're on Etsy and other venues shows how adaptable we are!

SewingGranny shows her talent and knowledge about how life has changed for many of us with this listing.

Mug Rug/ Coffee Coaster
I love the colors in this yarn bowl by JNPottery.

MountainsideCrochet makes these adorable little animals.  This one is one of my favorites!

And this great mouse pad from CircleintheSand

Check out all the shops from  WWWG.  Just enter WWWG in the Etsy search box.  You'll be amazed what you come up with!!

Blessings and Peace,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fantastic Friday!!

We all know that Fridays are Fantastic.  They are even more fantastic when they are part of a long weekend!!!  And what do I do on a nice long weekend.  Well, work in the yard, of course, work with my ceramics and my shops.  And I love to look at what my team mates from the BBEST Team have for sale!!

With such great items to look at while I'm relaxing, any Friday is bound to be extra great!!!

Blessings and Peace,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

For the Shriners

Some of you know that I have been involved with the Shriners for the past couple years.  I am doing a fund raiser for the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Clinton Shrine Club here in Clinton, Mississippi.  The Ladies Auxiliary raises and donates money for the Clinton Shrine Club and the Wahabi Shrine Temple in Jackson, Mississippi.  The Shriners are well known for their Children's Hospitals, their maroon fezzes, and their appearance in parades.

I have a few items in my Etsy shop that are being sold as part of this fund raiser.
Tall Shriner Mug

Shriner Votive Holder

Ceramic Shriner Mug

And in my ArtFire shop!

If you know a Shriner, or someone who loves a Shriner, this will make a great gift!!

Blessings and Peace,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Weekends are wonderful!  I enjoy working on my ceramics and other crafts, working in my yard, and looking at the lovely things my Bbest team mates have in their shops.

I love looking at Monti's shop, GlitznGlass. She paints the most lovely flowers on glass.

And these lovely watercolors, silk paintings and more from  ColoursAndTextures.

Her shop name is very descriptive of the items she has in her shop.

Chris does some amazing work with glass in her shop DesignsbyChristine.

These are only a few of the Bbest Team members and their work.  Not only are they great artisans, but a wonderful group of friends!

Blessings and Peace, 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have always been intrigued by macrame.  It was something I never learned to do, but I was always attracted to macrame pot hangers, shelf hangers, and a wonderful hammock a friend owned.  I was delighted to discover this shop that merges macrame with one of my other loves, jewelry.

ss10001 features handmade beaded micro macrame jewelry.  She has wonderful watches.  This one is one of my favorites.

 Navajo Colors MicroMacrame Watch

I love the colors in this pendant.

And these unique earrings will surely bring a compliment

Check out these and the other great jewelry in ss10001's shop.  And search for BBEST team on Etsy for more great finds.

Blessings and Peace,

Monday, February 21, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Must be a mistake, you say?  How can a Monday be marvelous?  Well, check out a few of these great items from some of my friends.
crochet head or neck-warmer-in-aqua

This by JNOriginals!

large-textured-bowl  by ArtsieLady!

long-cream-accent scarf by StitchesbyJulie !

                        This lovely cocktail ring by Imaginuity!


Great card by SweetandSassyCards featuring Sassy Sophie!

See!  Mondays are Marvelous with these great shops to browse in.  Check out all the shops from the BBEST Team on Etsy!!!

Blessings and Peace,