Saturday, December 29, 2012

Turtle Wisdom

I wanted to share this treasure box today.  It was slip cast and glazed here in central Mississippi.

I have a special love for frogs and turtles.  According to Avia, creator of Whats Your, the turtle relates to having stability, innocence, order, longevity, patience, endurance, strength, protection, and creation.  Asian myth considers the turtle a symbol for cosmic order.  Personally, I think a little cosmic order would be a good thing.

The turtle encourages us to go at your own pace and to be patient- that things will work out in the end.  When I was going through a difficult time in my life, a Native American friend of mine suggested that I look into Turtle Medicine.  It's possible that on some level, I knew I needed this knowledge in my life as I named my second Etsy shop, Turtle Treasures.

According to Crystal Links, the turtle represents a nuturer, protector, and mother energy.  Turtle energy can help one achieve balance in life.

With these things in mind, I have listed a Ceramic Turtle Treasure Box in my Etsy shop.  I hope you like her.

Blessings and Peace,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sophia's Wonderland

SophiasWonderland on Etsy has been open since October 2012.  She features antiques, collectibles, and vintage items.  She says she has always loved vintage jewelry and wore it with pride when she was a girl.

I remember wearing Sarah Coventry jewelry as a child.  No, it wasn't vintage then!

This butter dish was made in Germany.  I love the delicate pink flowers.

This vintage knitting book was published in 1962 and features patterns for knitted hats.  I  bet there are some cool hats included in this book!

Sophia's Wonderland lists new treasures regularly.  Check by often to see what new things she has!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Amanda Baird is the owner of the Etsy shop, LoveManifested.  Amanda loves creating things from paper and states she has been involved in this for 10 years.  She also has made several pieces of jewelry.

Since we know I love silver and purple/lavender/amethyst, I will start with these gorgeous earrings.

These are made with wire, clear quartz, hematite, and plastic purple beads!

These Christmas cards feature a large, seafoam green snowflake, making them a little different from the typical card.

This decorative gift box is perfect for any occasion!

LoveManifested is a relatively new shop.  Discover the treasures she has for sale!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Kristan Bendixen is the owner of BendixenArt, a shop that features original paintings in acrylic, mixed media, as well as art prints, note cards, and sketches.  Her work ranges from bold and bright to simple and sweet and they range in size from large to ACEO's.

 I really like this piece.  It's perfect for a little girl's room.  Look closely at the bottom of the painting to see a little cat.

This modern abstract paining is created from bold acrylic colors!

This card is perfect for any occasion!

Shop BendixenArt for bright and fun wall decor and paper goods!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


MakersNine is a new shop on Etsy featuring accessories, paintings, gifts, and sewing patterns.  It is a family owned and operated business located in Houston, Texas.

I like this hat made of fleece.  It is lined with brown fabric and has a matching scarf.

Wear this teal chiffon infinity scarf with after hours apparel or with jeans.  The sparkly fabric will add flair to your outfit!

This original oil painting features angels dancing!  It's lovely.

Checkout MakersNine for a variety of gift giving answers!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Amy Smith is the owner of ScentSmithStudios, an Etsy shop featuring "handmade products to pamper the body and soothe the soul."  She creates scented lotions, candles, soaps, diffusers, and more.

I think this lotion would be amazing to smell and feel.  It is available in Black Raspberry Vanilla and Pink Grapefruit.  These are 4 oz. bottles!

This Pink Grapefruit Scented Shea Soap is lovely the way it's wrapped and will go nicely
with the lotion above, for a complete experience.

These Red Muscadine Candles use a wine glass as a container for a more festive look.

Check with ScentSmithSudios for your fragrance needs. She offers 2 coupons for first time buyers!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2Sweet4Words Vintage Lingerie and More

Johari is the owner of 2Sweet4Words, a shop featuring vintage lingerie and more.  She has a huge selection of gowns, swimsuits, jumpsuits, dresses, and more.

I remember seeing these dresses in my childhood. (yes, I am a bit vintage myself!)  We always loved them because they flew so high when you spun around dancing!

This lovely full length blue night gown is on sale.  It is a size small and is in very good condition.

This vintage blouse is from the 1980's and was created by Dina Ariel.  It looks great with or without the belt!

Visit 2Sweet4Words for lovely vintage lingerie and clothing!!


One of our recent featured members of the week is TrampLee, creator of Tramp Lee Bags.  She has a big variety of hobo bags, clutches, and infinity scarves.

Since we know I love purples and blues, let me show you this great clutch. It is blue and purple tie dye.  It is 7 x 12 inches and has a back handle to make it easier to carry.

These hobos have a matching wallet!  And they are designed to be comfortably carried by plus size women!

Tramp Lee also features these lovely infinity scarves!  This one is in blue, green, purple, and tan, which makes it quite versatile. 

Visit TrampLee for gorgeous fashion accessories!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Vanessa Williams, owner of VanWoman, describes herself as an artist, jeweler, and teacher working from home.  She designs and manufactures her creations using traditional silver and goldsmithing techniques. He pieces are unique and filled with energy.

I've really been attracted to trees lately, and I love this Small Bonsai Tree Wall Sculpture.
It is made from multiple layers of copper, cut and soldered to Vanessa's specifications.  It would be perfect for that hard to decorate space in your home.

Vanessa calls this necklace "Ancient Divinity."  It was created from hand forged sterling silver with an Ammonite set inside.

This Kenji Pendant was created from sterling silver and a chrysocolla stone. The design was inspired by Asian calligraphic forms called "Kenji".

Visiting VanWoman's shop is an interesting and educational experience.  Vanessa shares the inspiration for her pieces as well as the painstaking care she takes in creating her one of a kind jewelry and art.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Jewelry on ArtFire

Some of my friends know that I have recently moved my jewelry from Etsy to JillsTreasureChest at ArtFire.  This was done to keep each of my shops more organized and cohesive.

Creating earrings was one of my earlier crafts.  Since I love wearing earrings, creating them for others was a natural progression for me.  I have made necklaces and bracelets over the years also.  I like making jewelry that can be worn at the office as well as after hours.

These Silver Chandelier Earrings are one of my newer pair.  Created from silver plated double loops and fire polished crystals, these earring are one of my favorite pair.  In fact, I liked them so much that I made a pair for myself also!  They look wonderful on, and dangle approximately 2 7/8 inches.  I wear them with my long hair.  My mannequin has short hair, so you can see how they look,.

These lovely hoop earrings were created from gold toned findings, amethyst colored faceted fire polished crystals, and amethyst hearts.  They are 2 3/4 inches long from the top of the gold toned french hook to the bottom of the amethyst heart.

My newest pair of earrings is this pair with capiz shells, shell crescent moons, and crystals dangling from a silver plated chain.  These Capiz Shell Dangle Earrings are 3 3/4 inches long, but lightweight and fun to wear.

Stop by JillsTreasureChest on ArtFire to see my other jewelry.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Maureen Carrigan paints wonderful "Foodie" paintings that are so realistic I want to reach out and grab one of the peppers.
Handful of Peppers

This abstract martini painting is amazing.

Mr. Crow is a 6 x 6 inch original painting.  He looks like he has a secret to me!

Stop by MaureenCarrigan's shop to see her fine oil paints and prints!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The JeweledCrown

Paula Dee is the owner of TheJeweledCrown on Etsy.  She creates elegant and functional head pieces, sashes, and bouquets.

Since we know I love purple, I'll start with the purple feathered fascinator.
I can just imagine how gorgeous this piece would be with a formal hair style.  It is so elegant, but also fun.  Paula also donates a portion of her profits to for research.

This bridal party hair accessory features turquoise rosettes on a headband.

This piece is done in a shabby chic style.

This exquisite bridal sash will make any wedding dress even more gorgeous.  It features Swarovski crystals on a light ivory ribbon.

Paula even has her prices reduced for a limited time in honor of her anniversary!!.
Stop by TheJeweledCrown for your bridal needs.

The Navigatrix

Sally-Ann Livingston is the owner of the Etsy shop The Navigatrix.  She features upcycled steampunk fashion, jewelry and accessories with a Victorian influence.

This butterfly pendant is just one of my favorite items in this shop.  I love the idea of transformation that accompanies the image of the butterfly.

I thought this key ring was interesting and unique!
The Navigatrix has named this keyring "Scientifica 3".

And since I love purple and lavender, I'll show these earrings too.
These are titled "Steel Rose Amethyst-Purple."

Stop by TheNavigatrix to find one of a kind steam punk fashion!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Silken Voice

Jaci Anderson, creator of SilkenVoice describes herself as a pianist/teacher/belly dancer/silk artist living in Autstralia.  She features original belly dance veils, sarongs, scarves, men's ties, and fabric.

I have never belly danced, but I have always been entranced by the graceful movements and the flowing fabrics swirling around the dancer.
I can imagine myself wearing something like the hand dyed chiffon veil below.
Hand dyed Silk Chiffon Fabric/Veil  I love the bright pink and gray together, and I can imagine how it would feel to have this fabric fall around me as I moved.

This blue-green scarf was made from a silk kimono.  The scarf has been steam fixed to keep it fresh and vibrant.

Red pink mauve blue silk & metal scarf  This scarf has metal in the fabric to give it an added shine and to allow it to scrunch into whatever shape you want it to.

Visit SilkenVoice on Etsy to explore your fantasies in silken fabric.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kelly Makes Rainbows

Kelly describes herself as a Reiki Master and says she has a passion for working with energy.  She has taken up crochet more recently as a creative outlet.

KellyMakesRainbows is based in Austrailia.  She describes her shop as a melting pot of creativity.

Some of Kelly's listings do showcase her love of energy work and guidance.  This listing is for a reading with her Oracle Cards.

Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Reading
Reiki Healing - 30 Minute Session Long Distance
She will also do a Long Distance Reiki Healing for those in need.
According to Kelly, Reiki seeks to balance the body, mind and spirit through strengthening the individual's energy system.

Baby Rainbow Crochet Beanie with Pretty Macadamia FlowerI really like the colors in her Crocheted Baby Beanie.  And the flower makes a lovely accent.

Visit KellyMakesRainbows and see what interesting things you'll find!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Lisa Bradley-Sims is an artist living on the central coast of Australia.  She owns and operates the shop, OuterGoddess where she seeks to honor and adorn the outer goddess of each woman and her surroundings with gorgeous dream catchers and lovely scarves.

This is one of my favorite dream catchers.
Double Swirl Angel DreamCatcher,5-Inch Rings..  I love the blues, pinks, and whites, which remind me of angel wings.  I fact, Lisa has named this the Angel Dream Catcher.

FREE POSTAGE..Plush, Soft, Chunky Diagonal-Knit Chenille Scarf  Lisa also hand knits beautiful scarves.  I like this blue one.

DreamCatcher with Mirrors, 6 Inch, Mauve,Purple,White..This Dream Catcher has mirrors, making it especially striking!

With each dream catcher, Lisa includes the Legend of the Dream Catcher, which you can read on any of these listings.

Visit the OuterGoddess for more lovely dream catchers and scarves!


Laminartz was created by Lara and Griffin in Mesa, Arizona.  They are a mother son team with an interest in anime, comics, and steampunk.  Their items consist of magnets, pins, jewelry, coffin boxes, and journals.

This coffin treasure box has great colors and will be purposeful as well as fun.

Gothic Coffin Treasure Box It is a hand painted wooden box embellished with lace, a purple flower, and "pearls".  Great for jewelry, or desk items!

Loveworks: Steampunk Love CharmThis Steampunk Love Charm was created with clay with bronze and silver toned metal accents on a leather cord.  I love how unique it is!

Cloud on a Cloud Final Fantasy 7 Chibi Figure This is a Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife figure on a Cloud.  It is made of polymer clay and hand painted.  This is a great gift for that special person who loves video games and anime!!!

Visit Laminartz for a unique blend of gifts!