Friday, July 27, 2012

Joie Joelle Creations

Joelle Chan describes herself as a psychic medium. Her goal in opening Joie Joelle Creations is to "do healing work for people to manifest the positive in their life.  At this time she is using candles to do this, but plans to bring in more products.

The Passion Red Spell Candle is interesting.  It is designed to enhance the passions between you and your partner, but also to increase your own passion for projects.
Passion Red Spell Candle Set All Naturally Dressed with Herbs and Stones comes with  Passion oilThis candle is made from 100 % beeswax and is dressed with specific oils, herbs and stones to help in your pursuit of passion.

The Peace & Tranquility candle is a dual color candle, light blue on the outside and white on the inside.  According to Joelle, this makes the candle more powerful in achieving your goals of Peace and Tranquility.  Again, it is dressed with herbs and oils.  Peace & Tranquility Blue White Spell Candle Set All Naturally Dressed with  Herbs and  Oil Comes  With Peace oil

Love Thyself More Pink & White Spell Candle Set All Naturally Dressed with Herbs and Energy stone with  Love Thyself oil
The Love Thyself Candle is perfect for those of us that are too hard on ourselves.  It is also a dual color candle, both pink and white.  It is designed to help us let go of the things that are not of value in ourselves, and the pink assists in a secure feeling and love.

Browse JoelleChan to find just the right candle for your needs.  Joelle would be happy for you to convo her with your specific needs so she can create the perfect candle for you.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Japanese2Please says she's in love with all things Japanese.  She is an Australian living in Japan with her Japanese husband, and says she loves the culture, the people, the language, the food, and everything else.  It's where her heart is!  You can see this by looking at her carefully selected stamps and supplies including the fun masking tapes that have become popular in Japan.

Cute Masking Tapes - Strawberries and Blue Striped Funtape Set of 2 Wide and Normal Masking Tapes - 30mm / 15mm x15m This tape can be used to decorate notebooks, photo albums, and to make cards.  It could be used in acrapbooking.

If you are into origami, Japanese2Please has just the thing for you.  Her shop features a section of origami papers, including this one. Origami Paper Pink Flowers Origami Paper With Folding Instructions - New Modern Design ( 20 sheets total )

And if you're interested in cooking, she has these Bento Cutter and Shaper for food.  It can also be used for clay!
Bento Cutters and Shapers for Food / Clay (4 cutters turtles and rabbits, and one pick)  Cute!!!

You can find lots more at her shop, including sewing supplies, rubber stamps, and more.  This is a great shop to check out!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Stefanie Brooks, owner of Phishstuff says she has been making jewelry since 1993 and creating lampwork beads since 2001.

I love this pendant she describes as "mango blue".  It will look fabulous with the new coral/hot pink color that is so popular now.
Dreamy Shade of Mango Blue 4 Lampwork Bead Pendant  It would look lovely with a silver chain or a cord that compliments your outfit.

This ring is designed to switch beads depending on what color suits your mood each day.
Interchangeable Bead Ring Size 5.5  This would be perfect for those of us that fall in love with a particular band and style, but want to vary the color of the bead to match our clothing.
Pink, Green Purple Knife Fork Cocktail Set
The cocktail knife and fork set to the left would make a great gift for your favorite hostess, or for yourself.  They are unusual and functional and feature Stefanie's lampworked beads.

Stop by Phishstuff for quality and beauty in beaded items!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Catbooks1940s says she's been into vintage for a lot of years.  She's not saying how many, but that love of vintage extends to clothes, shoes. architecture, and local history.  She is a founding and current member of the Vintage Fashion Guild.  Her shop is filled with lovely clothing from past times.  These items appear to be in impeccable condition and are photographed beautifully.

One of my favorites is this hot pink dress from the 1960's.
Vintage 60s Mad Men Hot Pink Evening Gown XS S - Beaded Draped Goddess Dress I can almost feel the soft fabric whirling around as I dance!!

Vintage 60s Decoupage Box Purse - Lucite Handle Octagon HandbagI remember purses like these when I was in school in the 1960's!
This one is features a Victorian Dickensian theme.

I still love these Handkerchief dresses
Vintage LUIS ESTEVEZ Dress - Flame Red Silk Cocktail Party Handkerchief Hem Full Skirt XS  These hemlines have always intrigued me!

Vintage 1940s Hourglass Jacket - Unusual Details Dove Gray Wool Size M  This hourglass jacket is very flattering to wear with a straight skirt!

Check out Catbooks1940's for your new favorite vintage clothes and accessories.