Saturday, August 25, 2012


Rose calls herself the voice of HeadChange.  HeadChange is a family owned shop in Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains.  This shop features vintage books, maps, illustrations, collage inspiration kits and craft supplies.  They also have a lot of items made from reclaimed wood from trees in her area that were downed in recent storms.  I have to say that I am most attracted to these items.

240 Tree Branch Slices Assorted Wholesale Lot This listing is for 240 tree branch slices hand cut and sanded.  These are perfect for craft projects with a rustic theme.  I love the grain of the wood!

20 Cedar Tree Branch  Slices Drilled DIY Wedding These wood slices have been predrilled and are ready to be embellished.

  These buttons were handmade from a cherry tree branch!
Wooden  Buttons Handmade Cherry Wood Tree Branch Slice 25

West Virginia Antique Map This map of West Virginia is over 100 years old!  It is from an old encyclopedia

book plate harper and row field guide lizards and snakes  This vintage field guide plate shows over 20 images of snakes and lizards.  Perfect if you are interested in reptiles or live in the country.

Visit HeadChange!  You'll be amazed at what you can find!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Last week's featured member of the LOA team is Jossiani, owner of ArtinSilk.  She creates hand painted and dyed shawls, clothing, wraps, and more since she lived in Paris, France.  She now creates her beautiful pieces in Southern California, using the beach and ocean for inspiration.

Since we know I love purple and lavenders, we'll start with this wrap first.
Sweet Lilac Lavender Shawl Wrap, with Pink Rose Accents, Hand Dyed Shibori, JOSSIANI. This lovely shawl is created from mulberry silk chiffon.  I love it, especially looking at how it flows around the models in the other photos!

This next scarf is one of her hand painted pieces.

Cedar Coffee Starfish Scarf, Hand Painted Silk, Brown, Dried Herb, Rust, OOAK by JOSSIANI. The browns, rust, camel and moss colors are exquisite in this piece!!  It is 10.2 inches by 45 inches and would be perfect with fall colors in the office, as a way to dress up a casual outfit, or for evening wear.

Jossiani features a wide variety of bridal silks also.  I love this one.

White Long Shawl Silk Chiffon Wrap, Diamond Light Ivory Wedding, Bridal Evening Stole, 20" x 83". 
ArtInSilk will do special orders so the buyer can obtain just the size she wants, and more than one piece.  This is perfect for a bridal party, proms, evening dresses, and formal occasions.

Art In Silk- ArtinSilk.  When you need something especially lovely!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beads of Aquarius

Mouna Marini is the artist creating the gorgeous jewelry at Beads Of Aquarius.  Her jewelry is amazing!! It is handcrafted from vintage beads, bead embroidered, art deco inspired, and Old World style jewelry.  Mouna says that each bead embroidered piece takes her hours to complete.

One of her more intriguing pieces is this bracelet.
Soutache Embroidered bracelet  -  Ottoman Cuff   - honeysuckle , trendy colors , OOAKSoutache Embroidered Bracelet
It is embroidered with silk cords, lucite beads, peridot and Czech fire polished beads.
High fashion statement necklace  - PREMONITION  - statement jewelry - One of A kind  - free shipping
High Fashion Statement NecklaceI have to include this exquisite necklace that she calls "Premonition."
It is almost beyond description and was done for a competition.  She doesn't say if she won, but it's hard to believe that anything could be more creative or lovely than this necklace made from turquoise glass tubes, Swarovski  pearls, vintage Czech aqua glass beads, bicones, and the wonderful piece with the picture at the center of the necklace.

Being the earring junkie that I am, I couldn't go without including these delicate lace embroidered earrings in pink.
Lace earrings , summer earrings -   SALOME -  vintage pink lace , lace and crystal earrings ,  Although they look delicate, Mouna says she wears hers to the beach and swims with them!!

Visit BeadsofAquarius for more stunning creations.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

VooDeDoo Dolls

Looking for something fun and original?  Stop by VooDeDooDolls on Etsy to find unique, hand made dolls for wishing and good luck.

Since I love purple, I'll show you this doll first.
Love Spell  Purple Voodoo Doll  OOAK Voo De Doo Doll The idea is to write your love wish on one of the accompanying scrolls and tuck it inside the doll so she can wish and worry for you!!

Paiella, the Spicy Pink good luck wishing doll is soft and made for a good luck wish.
Paiella  the Spicey Pink and Yellow OOAK Voo De Doo Wishing Doll She is made from scraps from Las Vegas costumes.  A friend makes the costumes for shows, and gives Voo the scraps.  I should also mention that shipping in the US is included in the price of the doll.

This next doll is my favorite so far!
Rockabilly Voodoo Doll with Corset Black and Red Circle Skirt and Flower Eyes This doll loves to dance and loves music!!  My kind of girl.  She spreads joy and luck to all who see her.  So write your wish on the accompanying scroll and let Rockabilly Doll wish for you.

Have fun with VooDeDoo Dolls!!!