Monday, September 24, 2012

Silken Voice

Jaci Anderson, creator of SilkenVoice describes herself as a pianist/teacher/belly dancer/silk artist living in Autstralia.  She features original belly dance veils, sarongs, scarves, men's ties, and fabric.

I have never belly danced, but I have always been entranced by the graceful movements and the flowing fabrics swirling around the dancer.
I can imagine myself wearing something like the hand dyed chiffon veil below.
Hand dyed Silk Chiffon Fabric/Veil  I love the bright pink and gray together, and I can imagine how it would feel to have this fabric fall around me as I moved.

This blue-green scarf was made from a silk kimono.  The scarf has been steam fixed to keep it fresh and vibrant.

Red pink mauve blue silk & metal scarf  This scarf has metal in the fabric to give it an added shine and to allow it to scrunch into whatever shape you want it to.

Visit SilkenVoice on Etsy to explore your fantasies in silken fabric.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kelly Makes Rainbows

Kelly describes herself as a Reiki Master and says she has a passion for working with energy.  She has taken up crochet more recently as a creative outlet.

KellyMakesRainbows is based in Austrailia.  She describes her shop as a melting pot of creativity.

Some of Kelly's listings do showcase her love of energy work and guidance.  This listing is for a reading with her Oracle Cards.

Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Reading
Reiki Healing - 30 Minute Session Long Distance
She will also do a Long Distance Reiki Healing for those in need.
According to Kelly, Reiki seeks to balance the body, mind and spirit through strengthening the individual's energy system.

Baby Rainbow Crochet Beanie with Pretty Macadamia FlowerI really like the colors in her Crocheted Baby Beanie.  And the flower makes a lovely accent.

Visit KellyMakesRainbows and see what interesting things you'll find!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Lisa Bradley-Sims is an artist living on the central coast of Australia.  She owns and operates the shop, OuterGoddess where she seeks to honor and adorn the outer goddess of each woman and her surroundings with gorgeous dream catchers and lovely scarves.

This is one of my favorite dream catchers.
Double Swirl Angel DreamCatcher,5-Inch Rings..  I love the blues, pinks, and whites, which remind me of angel wings.  I fact, Lisa has named this the Angel Dream Catcher.

FREE POSTAGE..Plush, Soft, Chunky Diagonal-Knit Chenille Scarf  Lisa also hand knits beautiful scarves.  I like this blue one.

DreamCatcher with Mirrors, 6 Inch, Mauve,Purple,White..This Dream Catcher has mirrors, making it especially striking!

With each dream catcher, Lisa includes the Legend of the Dream Catcher, which you can read on any of these listings.

Visit the OuterGoddess for more lovely dream catchers and scarves!


Laminartz was created by Lara and Griffin in Mesa, Arizona.  They are a mother son team with an interest in anime, comics, and steampunk.  Their items consist of magnets, pins, jewelry, coffin boxes, and journals.

This coffin treasure box has great colors and will be purposeful as well as fun.

Gothic Coffin Treasure Box It is a hand painted wooden box embellished with lace, a purple flower, and "pearls".  Great for jewelry, or desk items!

Loveworks: Steampunk Love CharmThis Steampunk Love Charm was created with clay with bronze and silver toned metal accents on a leather cord.  I love how unique it is!

Cloud on a Cloud Final Fantasy 7 Chibi Figure This is a Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife figure on a Cloud.  It is made of polymer clay and hand painted.  This is a great gift for that special person who loves video games and anime!!!

Visit Laminartz for a unique blend of gifts!