Sunday, November 25, 2012


Amy Smith is the owner of ScentSmithStudios, an Etsy shop featuring "handmade products to pamper the body and soothe the soul."  She creates scented lotions, candles, soaps, diffusers, and more.

I think this lotion would be amazing to smell and feel.  It is available in Black Raspberry Vanilla and Pink Grapefruit.  These are 4 oz. bottles!

This Pink Grapefruit Scented Shea Soap is lovely the way it's wrapped and will go nicely
with the lotion above, for a complete experience.

These Red Muscadine Candles use a wine glass as a container for a more festive look.

Check with ScentSmithSudios for your fragrance needs. She offers 2 coupons for first time buyers!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2Sweet4Words Vintage Lingerie and More

Johari is the owner of 2Sweet4Words, a shop featuring vintage lingerie and more.  She has a huge selection of gowns, swimsuits, jumpsuits, dresses, and more.

I remember seeing these dresses in my childhood. (yes, I am a bit vintage myself!)  We always loved them because they flew so high when you spun around dancing!

This lovely full length blue night gown is on sale.  It is a size small and is in very good condition.

This vintage blouse is from the 1980's and was created by Dina Ariel.  It looks great with or without the belt!

Visit 2Sweet4Words for lovely vintage lingerie and clothing!!


One of our recent featured members of the week is TrampLee, creator of Tramp Lee Bags.  She has a big variety of hobo bags, clutches, and infinity scarves.

Since we know I love purples and blues, let me show you this great clutch. It is blue and purple tie dye.  It is 7 x 12 inches and has a back handle to make it easier to carry.

These hobos have a matching wallet!  And they are designed to be comfortably carried by plus size women!

Tramp Lee also features these lovely infinity scarves!  This one is in blue, green, purple, and tan, which makes it quite versatile. 

Visit TrampLee for gorgeous fashion accessories!!!