Sunday, April 21, 2013


I wanted to show off my new trivet.  It is glazed a luscious peach color and has a tree hand painted over the unfired glaze in brown, with a black outline and off white highlights.  I think it came out rather nice!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Ceramics

It's amazing what treasures you find when you go through crates.  I've had this piece for several years and always intended to list it during the Easter season.

As you can see, it depicts the figures of Mary and Jesus following the Crucifixion.  It is a slip cast piece, and is finished simply with an ecru color wash and glitter highlights.  I really love the simplicity of this piece and especially the reminder of the sacrifice made for us by Jesus.

Blessings and Peace.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Earrings on ArtFire

I recently listed 3 new pair of earrings in JillsTreasureChest on ArtFire.  They all have one new thing in common.  I have little spirals at the bottoms of the dangling head pins.

These lovely earrings feature frosted faceted glass beads, garnet fire polished crystals, and small garnet beads dangling from a gold toned diamond shaped chandelier.

I love the silver toned chandeliers in these earrings.  They are so delicate and lightweight.  There are 2 small hematite beads included in the bottom dangles of each earring.  Note the tiny spirals on the bottoms of the dangles.

These earrings feature blue jasper beads and smoky crystal beads suspended from a silver toned double loop chandelier.

I'm always excited about including a new technique with my jewelry and hope to bring more variety to this shop, JillsTreasureChest on ArtFire.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


AEbbeson is owned and operated by Amy Ebbeson in Wocester, Massachusetts.  Her jewelry embraces the inner goddess, Buddhist or pagan sensibilities with bold colors, large stones, and a mixture of beads from cultures that wouldn't necessarily be found together.  She states she uses numerology, astrology, and the Law of Attraction in creating her jewelry.

This piece is reserved for someone, but since we know I am very attracted to purple, I had to show it.  It is called Clarity and features fluorite and amethyst.

This necklace is called Isis- Bold Goddess Queen    It was created from silver and turquoise with aquamarine accents.

This cinnabar and bone necklace also has lamworked beads, created by Amy.  Red and white symbolize purity and cleansing in the Buddhist culture, according to Amy.

Stop by AEbbeson for more bold and unusual jewelry!  There is sure to be something special there.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


SerendipityWorld on Etsy is owned and operated by Melissa and her family.  Melissa describes herself as a spunky mom who works at home and home schools her children.  She states that her products are used in her family, and that she is trying to show that one can have nice things without spending a lot of money!!  She focuses on candles, melts, tarts, bath and body items and charms.

These charms caught my eye not only because they are attractive, but also they are designed to help us with the Law of Attraction by giving us something positive to think about and manifest!

These charms can be used on your coffee cup, wine glass, key rings, napkin rings, zippers on purses, and more!

Since we know I like purple and the lavender scent, I want to  feature this Lavender Sea Salt Glycerin Soap.   It is available with no dye, and in a variety of scents.

February is the month for Valentine's Day, but attracting love is a positive thing any time of the year.  These Love Aromatherapy Soy Tarts are designed to work with your meditation to attract love and relationships.

Melissa states that each individual is different, and different scents may be more beneficial for an individual.  She hopes her creations will work with the Law of Attraction and meditations, but cannot make any explicit guarantees.

Stop by SerendipityWorld to see what you can find.  I think you will be pleased with her selection and the information provided about each item she sells.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


TwinklePink Jewelry on Etsy is owned by Annika Lofberg.  She says her favorite colors are pink, red, and gold, and she uses these colors in many of her creations.  Her shop has been opened for approximately 1 month and it is already looking great!

Since we already know how much I love purple, we'll start with this purple and gold dangle earrings

The feature a purple crackle bead and a rondelle bead with gold toned findings.

They are also available in with orange beads.          

This charm with the red glass heart is perfect for Valentine's Day!!

These earrings are on a loop and feature a pink acrylic pearl and seed beads.  They look lightweight and comfortable to wear!

Visit TwinklePink Jewelry and pick out something special for yourself!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Blue Earrings

Today I listed these new earrings in my ArtFire shop.  They were created on silver toned hoops and feature blue cat's eye beads and light blue fire polished crystal beads.  Perfect with jeans, blue scrubs, office apparel, and for a party!!!

Check them out along with the other jewelry in my ArtFire shop, JillsTreasureChest  There is a Coupon Code for 30% off until February 23 for Valentine's Day!!!